Hey! I’m James Godwin, Senior UX Designer, Technologist, Entrepreneur, Love UX, Teach Tai Chi. Build Apps & like to paint.


I studied both Mechanical Engineering and Graphic Design. Engineering has given me a solid foundation to build a career in technology. Art and design being my passion, has enabled me to understand the user. I’ve married the two worlds in the businesses and products I’ve built over the years.

We take borrowed truths to become knowledgeable.
But to be knowledgeable is not to know.

INTP personality. Creative, multi-dimensional, energetic, considerate, curious, explorer, and adaptable. Like to deeply experience and explore life and inspire others to do the same. An abstract thinker, enjoy looking at the bigger picture. Enjoy learning and committed to acquiring knowledge and/or skills. I have an inventive mind that usually generates more possibilities than I can handle or fund. I believe in balance so my technical pursuits are balanced with creative outlets. Believe anything is possible :)

Other passions, Tai Chi which I’ve been studying for over 25 years with Dr. Lin Feng-Chao student of the legendary Cheng Man-Ching. Learn Tai Chi

Windsurfing for those days when you just have to hold on for the ride and also the cure for anything is saltwater!

Creative outlet: Digital paintings, using the Procreate app, an awesome painting app. Paintings

Apps: I have been fascinated with the I Ching for years. I can’t resist going into old bookstores and checking if they have any I Ching’s on their shelves. I have collected many interpretations over the years. It takes me ages to review and gain wisdom from all my interpretations when needing guidance or insight. Would it not be cool to have a single source? When ChatGPT arrived, I thought this would be a fantastic way to combine all my resources into an app for quick access. Aiching App

Life’s an amazing journey of discovery :)
I’m enjoying the ride.