James Godwin

Clean and simple, nothing fancy, it's all one needs. Looking for a quick way to host a site. Try Netlify.

Little Background

We take borrowed truths to become knowledgeable. But to be knowledgeable is not to know.
Co-founder Swiftvee | Remote CTO | Love UX | Run a Emotional Intelligence course | VR Photography | Teach Tai Chi | Paint

I studied both Mechanical Engineering and Graphic Design. Engineering has given me a solid foundation to build a career in technology. Art and design being my passion, has enabled me to understand the user. I’ve married the two worlds in the businesses and products I’ve built over the years.

What I'm doing now?

See now page.

Contact Me

Wanna have a chat? Learn more about me, have any questions? You can email me at james@godwin.co.za

Projects & Work

Below is a list of current projects.

Amazing pictures do help with making a beautiful website. Just finished building Pierre Crocquet website.

New Norma -> IN DEVELOPMENT CLOSED COMMUNITY: Norma and Norman are people just like you and me. COVID-19 has thrown our world upside down and we need a simple tool to reach our customers. We need to present our carefully-crafted or sourced goods in a way as enticing as a face-to-face encounter.

A very simple Progressive Web App for the local community in Sedgefield. We created a page that they could share with their customer. Very light weight ecommerce functionality.

At Peace with Money -> IN DEVELOPMENT: All those Hopes & Dreams need a solid Financial Foundation. This APP will coach you to build those Foundations.

VR360Tours.co.za -> We build Virtual 360 Tours for your Business. Why not let a customer explore your surroundings through your eyes. Let them truly feel what they can expect when they visit.

Swiftvee -> Current Job - Co-founder: an agri-platform addressing water scarcity, food security and market efficiency for the livestock sector.

JustBeing -> Founder: The skills to work with our minds, our emotions, and other people are essential but rarely developed. Emotional intelligence is trainable, even in adults. This claim is based on a new branch of science known as “neuroplasticity.” EQ training course.

Madebythem -> Founder: I like to make the complex easy to use. UX consulting business.

Fettle -> App: Fettle: state or condition of health, fitness, wholeness, spirit, or form - often used in the phrase, "In Fine Fettle". What is your fettle state? Apple App Store | Google Play Store

Just6 -> App: Just 6 seconds meditation App Apple App Store

UX Portfolio

To learn more head over to Madebythem.com and play with the web terminal. Built with Vuejs

Or download my portfolio from DropBox.

Digital Paintings

Creative outlet: Artwork is hand painted on an iPad & Mobile using the Pocket Procreate app, an awesome painting app. View gallery here or over at nftpainter.io

UX Portfolio Extended

Below is a list of projects I've worked on that are not seen in my visual portfolio.

[list to be completed - on my to-do-list :)]

  1. December 2020 - started as Senior UX Designer at iiimpact.io

  2. September 10, 2020 - Markus Färbinger. The Cultured Loaf: A Master Class website [Design & Coded]

  3. August 24, 2020 - Pierre Crocquet website [Design & Coded]

  4. August 10, 2020 - Welcome to LifeHouse Finance [Design & Coded]

  5. July 19, 2020 - Built managemnt tool for Cape Vision - Ophthalmologist. Internal App [Design & Coded]

  6. June 12, 2020 - Scooter Rental Business [Design & Coded] - now closed due to COVID

  7. March 01, 2020 - New Norma. In response to the challenges of COVID-19, we are developing a simple market app [Design & Coded]

  8. January 03, 2020 - EXSELL is in the business of providing Livestock Management Services. [Coded]

  9. February 08, 2020 - Built an appointment booking app for NLP coaching service. [Design & Coded]

  10. March 10, 2019 - Virtual Tour Business [Design & Coded]

Last Update: July 12, 2021