James Godwin

What I'm doing now - 2020 to current

  1. Finally put my painting up in their own gallery. Plus minting my first NFT's.

  2. My Tai Chi Class helping many locals during our current stressful times due to COVID.

  3. Exploring NFT's. Make my digital paitings into NFT's

  4. Old Mutual and SwiftVee Agritech launch new digital solution for livestock buyers

  5. Working as a Senior UX Designer at iiimpact.io
    A Boutique User Experience Design and Strategy Agency in Austin.

  6. Learn tried-and-tested techniques from the fourth-generation master baker. Just finished building the site. Markus Färbinger. The Cultured Loaf: A Master Class .

  7. Amazing pictures do help with making a beautiful website. Just finished building Pierre Crocquet website.

  8. Six innovations putting South Africa at the tech forefront. SwiftVee made the list :) Article.

  9. Great to be featured as an agritech company making impact during COVID. Article.

  10. Built an Progressive Web Application to support the local community who have been unable to sell their products during COVID. App is called New Norma. It's a very light weight shopping cart app.

  11. Built an appointments reminder app for my Cousin. He is an Ophthalmologist. App records his patients appointments, sends them reminder for their next appointment. Simple office management tool to automate internal processes. Coded in Rails.

  12. Upgrading our the Bidding Engine at Swiftvee Swiftvee Auctions.

  13. Helping to build a financial education tool.

  14. Busy building a gratitude journal for a Mens Group. Busy playing with websockets and exploring this in code.

  15. Honoured to be selected by the United Nations as the best Agri-Tech Platform Globally in 2019. Swiftvee.

  16. Busy getting my painting images resized. Wanna create a gallery for the digital paitings page.

Last Update: July 12, 2021